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  • Top Reasons Why Dogs Chase Cars

    Black and white Siberian husky puppy

    The moment a car passes by a dog, there remains no doubt, the dog darts off and starts chasing the moving vehicle. This is a very common sight in our neighborhood. And if you have a dog, you must have experienced this innumerable times.

  • Dogs Are People Too… Almost!

    You know them. They’re the family with fifteen dogs that all the neighbors hate. Their dogs run all over the neighborhood and are largely responsible for the local canine population explosion.

  • The Pros and Cons of Vaccinating Your Dog

    To vaccinate or not to vaccinate? That’s become the burning question of many dog owners in this day and age. I’m not a veterinarian, just a regular pet owner like yourself, but would like to impart the information I’ve found regarding regular vaccinations for animals.

  • Frequently Asked Dog Behavior Questions

    One reason dogs eat their poop is because it just plain tastes good. Another reason is it could be a vitamin deficiency. One other reason for the poop eating is that it is an instinctual behavior in the wild to eat the poop to keep other predators from tracking their movements.

  • Dog Training: The Surprising Way To Train Your Dog Not To Fear Loud Noises

    Loud noises, such as fireworks, thunder and traffic, are one of the most frequently cited fears given by dog owners. It is natural for some dogs to be fearful of loud noises, but some dogs are so traumatized by thunder, fireworks and other loud noises that they are completely unable to function.

  • Would You Know What To Do If Your Puppy or Dog Fell Ill?

    A pet relies on its owner to look after it. Sometimes a veterinarian is too far away when your puppy needs immediate attention. Would you be able to administer basic first aid if you needed to?

  • Gold Haven Golden Retriever Rescue

    Our 7-years of active rescue have been an incredibrele journey.  We’ve met many wonderful folks and amazing dogs along the way. We’re now turning our focus back to family, and having more of a personal life again.