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What's New


February 14, 2006:  Gold Haven's 7th anniversary today.  The gang celebrated with bully sticks and a new bucket of tennis balls.  


February 12, 2006:  Zeke surprised us this morning!  Usually very sedate from the meds, which we've been cutting back slowly since October, Zeke greeted us this morning with a frisky and playful attitude.  It's the first time we've seen him so animated - and it was great!


January 2, 2006:  Our permanent foster dogs now have their own page.  Check out the Gold Haven Gang to learn a bit about them.


October 1, 2005:  Our "phasing out" announcement was posted on our home page.  We are no longer taking in new dogs and are shifting our focus to our permanent foster dogs, our adopted dogs and their families, and toward having more of a personal life with our own family.  A bittersweet decision to be sure, but we hope that our visitors and supporters will understand.


August 28, 2005:  Carrie was transported to Claire's Friends rescue in Atascadero, CA today.  Susan Harkness of Claire's Friends has an ideal home for Carrie all lined up - and anxiously awaiting her arrival!  Thank you, Sue!


July 12, 2005:  Biopsy results for Magnum came back negative!  The mass contained no cancer cells, and Magnum is bouncing back from surgery to his high energy self.


July 5, 2005:  Magnum, a permanent foster boy, underwent surgery to remove a large, soft tissue mass from his shoulder.  The mass appeared on Wednesday last week, seemingly overnight.  We're awaiting biopsy results.


June 2005:  KD's surgery has been postponed.  The surgeon felt that waiting was in KD's best interest.  KD is now available for adoption, but only within the Southern CA area.  She will need to be re-examined by the ortho surgeon on a regular basis to determine when surgery is needed.  KD's current foster home has committed to remaining available to foster KD through the surgery process and the post-surgery rehab.