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Jack.jpg (18737 bytes)JACK:  A 1-year old Golden/Chow mix, this frisky, fun-loving, friendly fellow loved to give a good chase to our other dogs in residence.  After staying with us for several months, he found the perfect home with his new “mom”, Ghia & her fiancé, Jim in Westminster, CO!   Now, they go for long walks along a rural route and visit friends on a regular basis.  He loves his new life, fun friends, and is very much loved in return! Update:  Jack & his family have moved to Austin, TX where he has a bigger home & new friends!


Ginger.jpg (34368 bytes)GINGER: This 7-month old female was extremely timid and unsocialized when her owner gave her to us.  As she grew to trust us, we grew to love her ever more.  Excessively clingy, even for a Golden, her affection for us won our hearts completely.  She is now one of our own…and loved beyond belief by every family member.  She spends her days romping with the fosters, playing fetch or running through the sprinklers, and bringing us laundry to trade for a treat or hug.


Luke.jpg (31582 bytes)LUKE:  This 2-year old boy came from the shelter with wounds on his legs and underside.  Terrified of the garage and certain vehicles, we spent day after day working on his fears and gaining his trust.  Now my “heart” dog, Luke is a full member of our family and a very cherished companion to all who dwell here.  When he’s not playing fetch or running through the sprinklers, Luke enjoys watching our cats or stealing our shoes, and we love every minute of it!


Sabrina-fam.jpg (23174 bytes)SABRINA:  Her former owners had put this 7-year old Golden out on the streets.  A neighbor intervened and convinced the owners to turn her in to rescue.  Quiet and docile, Sabrina found a wonderful home with Mike, Joanne and their two boys in Palmdale, CA where she basks in the sun (or on the sofa), enjoys camping, and hangs out with her new sibling, Rusty.  Pictured here (in front) with her new playmates, Sabrina is much happier now that she is part of the family!


Thunder.jpg (36788 bytes)THUNDER:  His owner, due to “no time & fights with neighbor’s dogs”, turned in this handsome, 4-year old Golden male to the shelter.  We pulled him the day before he was to be euthanized.  Now, Thunder lives with Dave, Lisa & their children in Thousand Oaks, CA enjoying the good life.  He plays with the children, goes for walks with Dave, and gets to romp through the house showing off his obedience skills.  He also plays with the Lab down the street! 


Truman.jpg (33663 bytes)TRUMAN:  Incarcerated in the shelter for 20 days, this little, 1-year old Golden came to us a mess.  He had fleas, kennel cough, mange, and tapeworms.  It took some doing, but eventually he was back on track and found a wonderful home in Simi Valley with Appy & Diane.  Now, king of the backyard & co-emperor of the house (he shares with the cat), Truman is loving life and having a blast!  He has regular play dates with the dog next door and enough woobies to last a lifetime.  If only he could get at Diane’s collection of stuffed animals… Update: Truman has put on 10-15 lbs. & his coat is coming in beautifully! He is still in training & Diane gets compliments everywhere she takes him.


Autumn.jpg (20725 bytes)AUTUMN:  Turned in to the pound along with her sister, this 6-month old Golden was shy and timid when we took her in.  It didn’t take long for her bubbly, dynamic personality to shine through.  Her antics and adorable face won the hearts of Joe, Nina and their children in Lakeside, CA.  Now, Autumn romps in the yard with the kids and Tipper, her new sibling, and keeps an eye on Joe when he works his cuisine-magic in the kitchen.  She is blossoming with the love and affection her new family dotes on her. Update Jun 2003: Autumn is doing great!  She 'talks' to her humans when she wants to go out, and enjoys sharing the bed with all family members. 


Bear posing.jpg (26122 bytes)BEAR: This handsome, shy 2-year old Lab/Chow mix was pulled from the shelter the day before he was to be euthanized.  Timid and reserved at first, we feared that no one would want to take the time to bring out the fun, frolicking personality we knew was underneath.  Fortunately, Vince and his son, Tony, from North Hills, CA came to the rescue and took Bear into their hearts and home.  Now, Bear shares his days with father & son, basking in their affectionate attention!


Shelby.jpg (27675 bytes)SHELBY: Was an owner surrender because she consistently escaped from her yard.  She was never allowed in the house, given minimal contact with humans, showed definite signs of abuse, and yet this 2-year old remains a sweet, gentle, loving young lady.  Today, Shelby is very much loved and adored by semi-retired couple Paul and Alice in El Cajon, CA along with Misty, Shelby's new sibling.  Finally, this deserving gal has a home where she is cherished and doted on.  Dad plans on taking her for drives and camping with the grandkids, not to mention treats galore.  Life is good for this Golden, and that's as it should be!


Rocky.jpg (70736 bytes)ROCKY:  Turned in to the shelter by his owners for digging, this wonderful, gentle, 8-year old was an absolute delight from the day we picked him up.  Even though his coat was matted with foxtails, along with two embedded in his mouth and paw, this boy was a lover. Wanting only to be near his humans, Rocky set an example of model behavior that our other dogs could only try to achieve.  Now, this funny, frisky fellow resides in beautiful San Clemente, CA with his new owners, Allan and Cherri, along with his new housemates, Starr and Foster.  Rocky is no longer relegated to a backyard, but spoiled and loved beyond even his wildest dreams! Update Dec 2004: We're sorry to say that Rocky passed away on December 11th after battling Lupus for several months.  He was a true, golden gentleman and will be greatly missed.


Indy-pup.jpg (31994 bytes)INDY: Now known as Jericho, is a 4-month old, neutered, Golden-mix male picked up as a stray.  Very affectionate, this little boy is a talker - he mumbles & groans while nuzzling close to you!  His angel-face and sweet disposition were hard to resist, as Linda & her son, Anthony, of Alhambra, CA found out.  Indy now shares his new home with two friendly felines & has two half-siblings next door, George & Suzette - a Poodle & a Pomeranian!  Together, they play follow-the-leader through the yard with little Suzette bringing up the rear.  Update: Jericho has begun obedience school and is a hit with the class!  The instructor adores him so much she uses him as her "demo" student.


Ally with Bella and ball.jpg (36005 bytes)ALEX: Now known as Ally, was an owner surrender. According to her new owners, Robert & Tehani of Twenty-nine Palms, CA, Ally is settling into her new home very well and has become quite the clown.  She plays with her new sibling, Annabelle (pictured here), by rolling the dachshund puppy across the floor causing Annabelle to come running back for more. Ally also checks up regularly on Robert & Tehani's daughter whenever she wanders out of the room.  Recently, she even joined them in the wading pool as it was being cleaned, much to the delight of everyone there! Her personality is blooming, and her new family adores her more with each passing day. Update - Ally managed to get into the pantry and helped herself to an entire bag of flour!  Wearing most of it, she still managed to give herself quite a tummy-ache... 


Garth.jpg (38426 bytes)GARTH: Now known as Toby, was rescued from the shelter the morning he was to be put down. This 4-year old boy won our hearts over with his soulful eyes and gentle demeanor. On Easter weekend, Garth had what appeared to be either an anxiety attack, or a mild seizure immediately following a minor scuffle.  The initial diagnosis was epilepsy, but this has not been confirmed. Lew & Marsha of La Crescenta, CA, along with their two sons, felt that Toby was worth whatever effort he required and have taken him into their home and hearts.  Toby now divides his time between romping across their lawn in playful fashion, or sleeping at their feet in total bliss.  Update Jan 2003: Toby was lost to complications of cancer & internal bleeding on January 27th 2003.  He was a sweet & endearing fellow who will be much missed by his loving owners & family.


Champ.jpg (31743 bytes)CHAMP: Was an owner surrender due to financial hardship. As our very first rescue, this boy is very special to us and it took a very special lady to take him in.  It was love at first sight for both Champ, and Kimi of Santa Clarita.  Even with his socialization issues, Kimi felt he was worth the extra effort and has already begun to work on his manners.  She plans to take him wherever she goes as a constant companion, and we couldn't be happier for both of them! Sharing the house with two felines is no problem, at least from Champ's point of view.  What truly matters is that Champ is now the apple of her eye - something he has been waiting for all along! Update: Champ continues to flourish under Kimi's care.  Now, he has several, canine friends and weighs in at a hulking 85 lbs.


Kiefer-3.jpg (24017 bytes)KIEFER: Was listed as a stray in the shelter. This 8-month old Golden-mix is an extremely mellow, loving fellow with beautiful, amber eyes.  He is neutered and updated on all his shots.  Kiefer plays very well with other dogs and is a clown when playing alone.  A knack for fetching is evident & he loves to receive hugs & praise for delivering the wonderful treasures he brings.  Serafin of Long Beach, CA fell in love with Kiefer's gentleness and vice versa.  These days, Kiefer is basking in his new-found owner's attention and relishing his role as beloved companion. 


DJ-2.jpg (28448 bytes)DJ: Had been abandoned in the desert around Edwards AFB before coming to us. This gentle, wavy-coated, neutered, 8-year old teddy bear is a delight to be around. A little hand-shy, he may have been abused or man-handled in his prior home but with patience, love, and lots of kindness he's sure to blossom! The Shayan's of Foothill Ranch, CA felt that this seasoned gentleman would be a perfect companion for their daughter who had been wanting a Golden for some time.  Upon meeting, the entire family fell in love with his gentle nature - even the cat!  DJ is now wallowing in their affection and gentle guidance, and making a little girl extremely happy.


Jenna relaxing.jpg (26945 bytes)JENNA: Was an owner surrender under confusing, if not questionable, circumstances.  Told that she was 2-1/2, the vet check confirmed that she is, in fact, 6 years old.  Spay surgery revealed enlarged ovaries with numerous cysts and evidence of prior breeding.  Luckily, both have been removed and the vet has given a positive prognosis for this sweet girl. Robert & Jan of Burbank, CA found Jenna's loving, gentle personality to be irresistible.  Now, Jenna shares her days with her new family and wrestling for a favorite sleeping spot with Aspen, her new sibling.  Finally, this girl is getting the love and attention she so heartily deserves!


REBA: (Now known as Hanna), was a stray in the local shelter.  This 6-year old, spayed female is gentle, lovely, and affectionate.  She loves being petted (typical Golden), and has the darkest eyes we've seen in a long time...all the better to melt your heart with!  Which is exactly what happened when Glenn & Elisa of San Gabriel, CA met her.  Now, Hanna is spending her days enchanting this couple and their grandchildren with her adorable demeanor.  This fair-haired, dark-eyed gal rules their hearts, and that's just the way she likes it.  Update Sep 2004: Hanna passed away on September 7th due to multiple health complications.  This sweet, gentle gal will be greatly missed by her loving family & friends.


ZEUS: Now known as Zack, was an owner turn-in to the shelter due to "no time".  This handsome, 2-year old male is a true heartbreaker!  He is a wonderful, loving, fetch-playing, face-rubbing clown that has us all enamored including Erik & Kelly of Sacramento, CA.  One look at this adorable, butt-wiggling golden-boy and the young couple was hooked!  The feeling was mutual as Zeus immediately attached himself to Erik as if he were a long lost friend. Updates from Kelly tell us that Zack is doing very well in his training &, in fact, appears to know more than he originally let on!  Her favorite cuddle-bug (next to Erik), this youngster now spends his nights snuggling up to his two, adoring owners.  Update:  Zack recently visited Carmel, CA with mom & dad and sent along some pics to enjoy - check our photo album! 


Quinn.jpg (28970 bytes)QUINN: Almost didn't make it!  Listed as a Golden Retriever stray at a local shelter.  We placed a hold on this fellow the night before he was to be put down.  How surprised we were when we arrived to find not a Golden, but a gorgeous Ridgeback/mix with a golden coat & eyes to match!  This 3-year old, neutered male is friendly, loving, and youthful.  Unprecedented for a foster here, he snuggled his way into our bed, sleeping soundly the night through. When not romping with the others he is stretched out on the sofa, his head in a lap. His gentle neediness & close bonding with certain family members have guaranteed him a place in our hearts.  Quinn is now our official, "smooth-coated" Golden, a living reminder that sometimes the least likely candidate turns out to be a star after all.

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