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The Gold Haven "Old Timers"

Since February 1999, we've had many wonderful goldens and golden wannabes pass through our doors searching for their own "forever" homes.  Still, some of these adorable faces have become our long-term or permanent fosters.  Here they are:


Lacey.jpg (17232 bytes)Lacey has been our rescue mascot since April 2001, just two months shy of her 3rd birthday.  This lovely female is a beautiful example of a golden retriever, with a bit of baggage thrown in.  Lacey suffered from strong separation anxiety as well as thunder & fireworks phobia.  Now 7-years old, Lacey still battles these demons from time to time but not as much as she used to.  She has definitely come to feel safe here, and her personality has both blossomed and matured since we met her.  Lacey also has a best friend in our midst, our other female, Ginger. 


Magnum-bed.jpg (36546 bytes)Magnum was rescued in July 2000 at the estimated age of 7-years old.  He was found running in the Mojave desert, his coat a tangle of matted fur.  The day we visited him at the shelter, he tried to climb a 7-foot chain link fence using Keenan as his launching point.  Magnum suffers from separation anxiety, thunder & noise phobia, and pancreatic insufficiency.  Despite these hurdles, Magnum is a delightful character who lives to chase tennis balls.  It's too bad he wasn't discovered by a SAR or narcotics team in his early years, because Magnum will track down ANYTHING for a tennis ball.  Now almost 13-years old, he is our oldest foster - with the youngest attitude.


Lucky-4.jpg (65079 bytes)Lucky was surrendered to the shelter at 8-months old when his original owner was turned in for animal abuse in July 2001.  Lucky came to us with some behavioral issues, two being food and fear aggression.  It took a few years, but Lucky has come to trust that we won't starve him, and that our hands are not weapons.  He's now 5-years old and accompanies Keenan almost everywhere.  He loved agility class, is a tennis ball fanatic, and enjoys a good game of Frisbee.  It is plain to see that, in Lucky's eyes, the sun rises and sets on his human rescuer. 


Zeke-face.jpg (39785 bytes)Zeke is our last intake, arriving in October 2005.  He's 3-years old and suffers from cluster seizures, allergies and dry eyes.  We're hoping that through a healthy diet and constant care, we'll be able to ease Zeke off the high dosage of medicines he's currently on so he can enjoy a better quality of life.  Still groggy much of the time, Zeke shows definite promise of being a lively character once he's able to interact with all of us.  We look forward to seeing his personality emerge and enjoying his antics.