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Mookie, is a special needs 4-year old golden boy, who transferred from GRIC / Goldentown to Gold Haven on March 3rd, 2004.

Mookie's urethra was irreversibly damaged during his neuter surgery.  As a result, he leaks urine sporadically.  However, he is housebroken and does wear a "belly band" indoors to prevent leaking in the house.  Other than leaking, Mookie is in perfect health. The damage caused during his neutering should not affect his general health.

The ideal home for Mookie would be one where he has other dog playmates as he loves to play. He is extremely intelligent and very, very loving.  This boy loves baths!  Keeping him clean is a joy because he is so good during the grooming process. 

Since he leaks sporadically throughout the day, Mookie would do best where he could spend part of his time outdoors - which he loves to do, and come inside in the evenings and to sleep at night.  A mild climate area is essential. 

If you would like more information on this very special, beautiful and loving golden boy, please contact Wanda at 661-944-1140 or send email to Only serious inquiries PLEASE.

Only homes in close proximity to the Los Angeles or San Francisco Bay areas will be considered.

GRIC / Goldentown notes:

Mookie's Special Needs: During his neutering Mookie's urethra was cut causing urine to leak. He was taken for corrective surgery but the vet specialist feels Mookie will always leak urine.

Update June 6, 2003: Goldentown vets found out this week that there was much more serious damage done to Mookie during his neutering than a cut urethra and that there is no surgery or procedure that will repair his leaking problem.