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Lacey - our rescue mascot


Pretty, isn't she?  A beautiful example of a Golden Retriever.  At first glance you wouldn't know that she will tear up carpet, shred papers, claw at door frames, or pee indoors whenever left alone.  She sounds like a little steam train, even when at rest.  If she gets too frisky, she begins wheezing and coughing as if suffering an asthma attack.

Lacey came to us from her breeder.  This young gal was pampered then ignored by her first family, then manhandled by her second.  Given to us on the condition that she not be transferred to another home, Lacey is now a permanent resident at Gold Haven.  Lacey is learning to enjoy occasional outings, new situations, quiet time, and an abundance of love.  She is a tragic example of what can happen when even the best intentions of breeder and buyer go astray.

As a result of her early months, Lacey shows classic symptoms of separation anxiety.  Due to the compulsion type training received in her second home, Lacey will have breathing problems for the rest of her life.

We are grateful to the breeder for contacting us when she realized that she could not give Lacey the special attention that this blonde girl needs, and we are happy to find ourselves blessed with a funny, swaggering, loving little princess that causes us to laugh daily.

We truly hope that if you are considering buying or adopting a puppy, any puppy, that you do your homework.  Not only on the breed, but on all the time and training that comes along with the addition of a young, exuberant, canine member of the family.  

There are many other Lacey's out there, some rescued and - sadly - some not.  Before you make the decision to add a pet to your home, prepare by learning which breeds suit your situation and lifestyle, and what training options are available in your area.  Help decrease the ratio of throwaways by welcoming your new family member with open eyes and heart, prepared to go the distance for your furry little friend.  

Please check out GRiC's website or search training books at the link below, for more information on how you can be totally prepared to build that puppy love into a strong, rewarding, lifelong relationship. 


Lacey thanks you from the bottom of her heart!

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