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Gold Haven Golden Retriever Rescue

This site was last updated on September 08, 2006

In Memory of: Helen Redlus (1944-2004)


As of October 2005 Gold Haven stopped accepting new dogs into its foster program.

Our 7-years of active rescue have been an incredibrele journey.  We've met many wonderful folks and amazing dogs along the way.  We're now turning our focus back to family, and having more of a personal life again.  

Gold Haven's next phase will be to continue loving and caring for our permanent fosters, and provide support for our adopted dogs and their families when they need us.

We will still be here to help anyone who might have questions about rescue, golden retrievers, finding a puppy, or training.

Gold Haven has a remaining veterinary bill over $400 and will have ongoing expenses for the permanent fosters.  The donations page will remain up for those that care to help with these costs.

To everyone who has supported our rescue efforts, given us encouragement and helped us to find so many happy endings - we thank you.

Mission Statement

Gold Haven Golden Retriever Rescue has been dedicated to rescuing abused, abandoned or displaced Goldens and placing them into loving, permanent homes.

Using donations and adoption fees, we provide veterinary care, including mandatory spay and neuter, rehabilitation, healthy diet and exercise, and a better quality of life for the Goldens in our program.


All potential adopters are screened to ensure the best placement of our foster dogs into a secure, nurturing environment, free of harmful devices like electronic dog fences. Your application, filled out in thoughtful detail, will help us determine which Golden would benefit most from your lifestyle & thus, blend well into your family.  

This is NOT a quick process and we do not place any Golden without first evaluating it for temperament, energy, training and lifestyle needs. Each dog is placed into the home that offers the best environment for THAT dog.

Please note that there is no paid staff at this rescue!  All work is done on a volunteer basis.  It may take several days for someone to contact you regarding your application.  If you wish to follow-up by calling or writing the rescue, please feel free to do so! 

Home visits are mandatory prior to placement of a dog with its new owner. 

Obedience training with your new golden in either a group or private class, with a certified instructor, is a requirement in all of our adoption contracts.  We require that these classes be based on positive reinforcement.  Proper training helps to build the bond between you and your newest family member, while ensuring that the communication lines are clearly established.

Currently, we are serving primarily the Southern California & surrounding areas, however, other locations within the contiguous U.S. may be possible at times.

With the help of volunteers, shelters, other rescues, and you, we're making a difference - one Golden at a time.

Adoption Fees

3 mos. - 4 years is $300.00
5 years - 8 years is $250.00
9 years & older is $175.00

For special needs or hard-to-place dogs, these fees may be waived or modified based on a case-by-case review.

Contact Information

If you have questions about rescue or golden retrievers, please contact us via E-mail or write us at: 

Gold Haven Golden Retriever Rescue

PO Box 781

Littlerock, CA  93543-0781

Fax: (661) 944-4543



Comments & Suggestions

Please let us know if you have any positive suggestions to make this a more effective and pleasant site.  We sincerely welcome your input and hope we're at least getting our message across, that these wonderful Goldens deserve the best homes possible! 

Visit our Available Goldens page to see who's waiting for their ideal home.  And don't forget our donations page; your support is greatly appreciated!

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